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Montfort Medical has proudly joined forces with Mehma Medical as an official US FDA Agent for their N95 FFP2 respirators. Our collaboration blossomed with the understanding that not only do large health systems, government entities and corporations need high quality masks at a fair price, but so do small medical clinics, businesses and nursing homes. 

Our business model is structured so that no matter what the size of an order is, our customers get a high quality product at an affordable price. We passionately focus on what's best for our customers needs with the intention of securing a long-term partnership.

Mehma Medical N95 FFP2 Brochure

Mehma Medical N95 FFP2 CE

Who is Mehma Medical?

UK based manufacturer and supplier of high quality medical supplies and medical equipment. Mehma Medical Trading was founded in April 2020 with the aim to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) and other medical supplies, especially in these precarious times, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We are based in Farnham, Surrey - UK and we operate globally in the healthcare sector.

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