Proprietary PCR Reagents

Our proprietary molecular PCR reagents were strategically crafted with the intention to create a clinically superior offering that was financially sustainable for the "long-haul", all processed on one economical machine. 

In today's volatile market of ever-changing reimbursement, patient behavioral patterns, new technologies and M&A transactions, our proprietary technology minimizes risk of investment in order to thrive during all aforementioned market challenges.

With on-site validation studies run for every single organism on every single panel, our technology boasts 99% or higher accuracy, specificity, sensitivity and precision.

Outfitted on a common, "workhorse"-type thermal cycler, our proprietary PCR reagents have proven to provide for an elevation of patient care, an increase in laboratory and clinic efficiencies, as well as dramatically boosting positive revenue cycles.

UTI w/ Antibiotic Resistance

19 Organisms

9 Antibiotic Resistance Markers

Process 4 patient samples in 1 hour



35 Organisms

Process 2 patients in 1 hour


Vaginitis w/ STI

33 Organisms

Process 3 patients in 1 hour


Wound w/ Antibiotic Resistance

19 Organisms

9 Antibiotic Resistance Markers

Process 4 patient samples in 1 hour

Ear Infection

15 Organisms

Process 2 patient samples in 1 hour

Over a number of years, the folks at Honeybee Diagnostix have learned the value of making sure that each person involved within the diagnostic process has an equal share of benefits. From the patients, to the medical assistants and nurses, all the way up to the practicing providers and clinic administration.


Understanding the complexities behind wait times on lab tests, coupled with the inaccuracies and unknown patient charges from outside laboratories, Honeybee Diagnostix has come up with a valuable solution that cures all of these challenges.

By bringing our technology in-house and processing patients specimens on-site, providers are now able to elevate patient care, get 1-hour turn around times with antibiotic resistance guidance and manage any potential patient charges. All of this is done by implementing our proprietary technology that gives the control and freedom back to the private providers who want it the most, while also being able to take part in the positive revenue benefits typically captured by outside laboratories.


Curious to what this might look like for a private practice? Below you will find our simple process:




1) Choose which test panels would be appropriate

2) Review and sign agreement

3) Work with Honeybee to complete and submit CLIA licenses

4) Five day on-site training and validation completed

5) Clinical and technical data signed off by Laboratory Director

6) Once Laboratory Director approves, lab is ready to start